Simple calculator

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Simple calculator

Post by Petr » Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:01 pm

This is an example of a simple calculator.

Code: Select all

<#> Start of the macro

<#> Define input field for math expression 
<form_item>("f1","Math. Expression:","EDIT","","vExpression")

<#> Define text label under input field - example 
<form_item>("f1","Example: 1+(3/2-3.212)^2","TEXT","","")

<#> Program label "Show" 

<#> Show form with input field 
<form_show>("f1","Mathematical Expression Calculator","shell32.dll",12)

<#> Esc or Cancel pressed - then exit macro
<if_str>("_vCanceled == 1") <exitmacro> <endif>

<#> Calculate entered expression 
<var_oper>(vResult,"%vExpression%",CALC_EXPRESSION,"4","", "0")

<#> Show result 

<#> Go to program label "Show" 

<#> End of the macro

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