Show menu of all open windows

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Show menu of all open windows

Post by Petr » Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:57 pm

This macro shows a menu of all open windows (applications) and brings to top the selected.

Code: Select all

<#> Start of the macro
<#> Only commands takes effect in the macro, new lines and other text is ignored

<#> Enumerate all visible and store number in to variable vNumOfWindows 

<#> If is any visible window... 

   <#> For all window   

      <#> If current window caption is not empty 

         <#> Add caption of window (application) in to menu



   <#> Show menu with list of opned windows-applications  

   <#> If any item of menu selected

      <#> Activate selected window-application  


<#> End of the macro

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