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Set of text manipulation macros for Macro Toolworks 7 and newer

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:16 pm
by Petr
Set of text manipulation macros. For convenience and simplicity I assigned each group to numpad hotkeys. In order to easy assign the appropriate group to numpad keys the macro SwitchNumpad is used. It can be activated separately or by mouse macros TxtChg (with submenus) or TxtChg-Alternate (only main menu). These mouse macros can also be used to activate the text-manipulation macros in group TextManMacros. Above macros are located in mouse macro group TextManMouse. If in macro SwitchNumpad no macro is selected (ESC entered) the assignments to numpad keys are removed.

Currently there are two macro groups wich use numpad keys for activation:

1. TextManMacros: Numpad keys 2, 7, 8, 9 are used to change the case of text parts, keys 5, 6 are used to move text parts. Object is the selected text or the word with the mose cursor if there is no selection. Key 5 toggles two adjacent characters (legastenic errors).

2. ClipFix: Numpad keys 1-9 are used to store text strings or paste text strings into applications to/from global variables. If there is a selction the selected text is saved, if there is no selection the saved text is pasted (from global variable or disk if the variable does not exist). Key 0 is used to save/load to/from disk and display all 9 variables.
If you dont want to use numpad keys, there is another group of macros (MultiClip) to provide for 9 text strings to save/paste. They simulate the windows standard Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V with Win-C, Win-X, Win-V and afterwards pressing 1-9. 0 again is used to activate load/save by key.

All strings are saved to global variables ga_clip[x]. They can be saved/loded to file clip[x] in folder %temp% (can be changed by user in macro text).

Author: Robert Gabler,