Find e-mail addresses in text

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Find e-mail addresses in text

Post by Petr » Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:11 pm

This macro sample shows how to find e-mail address in text.

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<#>This example shows how to find an e-mail addresses in input text

<form_item>("f1","Input text with e-mail addresses:","EDIT_ML10","This is a text that contains e-mail addresses 
such as 
or or other....","vInputText",1)
<form_show>("f1","Insert text with e-mail addresses","",0,500,0,,,1,1)

   <msg>(-100,-100,"No more e-mail addresses found.","",1,0,0,0)
   <msg>(-100,-100,"E-mail found: %vM%
Position in text: %vI%
Length: %vS%","",1,0,0,0)

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