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Problems Record Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:16 pm
by Vio1
I have some saved text that I access using ArsClip with a shortcut. I would like to create a sequence in Macro Toolworks in which when I press the keyboard shortcut it plays the ArsClip shortcut so that text appears, but Im having trouble.

When im recording in Macro Toolworks, and I type the keyboard shortcut, I get the following Macro Text:

If I record me typing a fake (unused shortcut) it records properly.

However If I change my ArsClip to now use the <ctrl>h<ctrl><#> shortcut, I don't get any text coming out in where I want. It actually just types out the saved text within the Macro Toolworks "Macro Text" window, not in the destination requested.

Any ideas?