Press CTRL Enter after text

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Press CTRL Enter after text

Post by valer83 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:29 pm


Loving what Macro Toolworks can do so far!

It would be SO important to do this with the "Free macro text" tool included in the program:



Hello, what a nice day. <cmds><ctrl><enter> I got up early today.
I love to go out at night.<cmds><ctrl><enter> It's so silent.
No time to waste. <cmds><ctrl><enter>Let's go!
Hey, come back. <cmds><ctrl><enter>Don't be afraid!


So, I just need the keys CTRL and Enter to be pressed after some text is loaded into a text processor by that same macro. And then I need it to keep writing the rest of each line. Why? Because the CTRL Enter commands create a line break that can't be done in a different way according to what I'm asked to do. The <br> won't work.

I tried the above idea and it didn't work. Only the first part of the text was inserted. Not the rest. Also, tried <ctrl><enter> and didn't work either. Any ideas on how to solve it?


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