Simple Macro Creation

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Simple Macro Creation

Post by sajjansinghania » Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:18 pm

I have Windows 8.1 & Firefox 53.0 & Notepad++ v.7.3.3.
Before saying anything, I am a below average computer user with NIL computer technical knowledge.
I frequently log on to a website This site is a Card Game Bridge playing site. It has an interactive window to communicate with other players & other work. There are a few messages stored on Text files on my hard disk which every-time I copy paste on this interactive windows for communication. Instead of doing this, I wish to create macros with user defined Hotkeys e.g. Alt+A, Alt+B, Alt+C etc. so that i automatize sending my stored messages to site. A few Examples below :

!H!HJoker Card's Team Match!H!H Why waste time in Lobby ? Go to Comptetitive/Team Matches & Search !H!HJoker Card!H!H & choose seat. Tensionfree fun table. FAIR PLAY. Zero tolerance for rudes, replaced in 30 secs. Join Now

!H!HJoker Card's Team Match!H!H Welcome all.This is a tension free fun table. FAIR PLAY EXPECTED. Zero tolerance for rude behaviour. !H!HPLEASE ACCEPT!H!H CLAIMS & UNDOS for MISCLICKS. Tx.

Is it possible if I create Hotkeys for about 20 such macros ?? If yes, I beg to suggest a programming script for above.
I shall be obliged for ever for suitable solutions.
Thank you in advance.

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