Colored text with date stamp...?

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Colored text with date stamp...?

Post by Petr » Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:57 pm

Q: Hi,

What's the simplest way to generate a line like this:


but in a color so when I continue the text (in Outlook, Word, etc) the colour will remain?

I know how to generate the actual date, so the coloring is the question.

Coloring is not an issue if I use a clipboard macro but then I don't know how to have the actual date added. Two macros, first a clipboard macro and then the date code?

Thanks in advance
A: You are right, I think running two macros is the only option here. The most convenient seems to run clipboard macro (that actually inserts a dummy text in required colors) from macro that inserts required text using <run> command. Something like this (just pseudo code):

Code: Select all

<run>("ClipboardColorMacro") <#> inserts colored dummy text
<keys><shift><home><shift><#> Selects dummy text
AB-<date>(....)<#> Inserts date

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